The Building Materials Resource Center is a nonprofit building materials re-use project. We accept donations of good quality used and surplus building materials and sell them to the public at low prices. In addition, low and moderate-income customers and nonprofits are eligible for a considerable discount on those prices. The BMRC also offers a wide range of homeowner support services, including home improvement classes, in-home consults, a do-it-yourself window repair shop, and much more.

The mission of the Building Materials Resource Center is twofold: (1) To equip lower income homeowners with the building materials and support to repair and care for their homes affordably, allowing them to achieve a higher level of economic independence, build their wealth, and improve their lives and neighborhoods; and (2) To reduce the construction industry's burden on the solid waste stream by diverting perfectly good materials from landfills and delivering them into the hands of homeowners and nonprofits.