Thank you for your interest in the Building Materials Resource Center. To ensure that the donation process is smooth and efficient, we ask that you take a moment to review the below donation guidelines.

The BMRC accepts building materials that are in good to excellent condition and on our list of high-demand items. While we do our best to assess the appropriateness of a donation before pick-up, there is no substitute for actually seeing it. Therefore, the BMRC Driver has the authority to refuse items that s/he determines to be inappropriate for the homeowners and nonprofits we serve. We are a small nonprofit and must be careful not to accept items that we will need to pay to dispose of later on.
If your donation is particularly heavy or large, it may require an able-bodied person at the pick-up location to help load it onto our truck. If you have told us that such a person will be available, and that person is not there, we will be unable to pick up the donation.
Materials must be at street level and in close proximity to the street or driveway. Materials in basements or several floors up will not be picked up unless specific arrangements have been made.
Because the BMRC cannot test or warranty appliances, we accept only appliances that are in like-new condition and not more than a few years old. As with all donations, our driver has the last word on appliances.
The BMRC’s modest pick-up fee ($25.00 inside Route 495; $50.00 outside Route 495) helps cover vehicle and staffing costs associated with collecting your donation.

To donate items, click on the Donation Offer Form. Upon receipt of your form, we will send you a confirmation of your pickup. On the day of the pickup, kindly use the envelope provided to leave a check for the driver.

Please contact Dave Adams with any questions, or to give feedback and/or suggestions. Dave can be reached at 617.442.8917 x 232 or